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About Us

We are a family-run business based in Miami, Florida.  We are patriotic United States citizens who firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment and our right to protect family and loved ones. 

We have been operating ecommerce businesses for a while.  The legal name of our company is High 9 Sales, Inc and our main website is in case you are interested in seeing some of our other merchandise.  You can also find high9sales on all the major marketplaces if you would like to review some of the excellent feedback we have received from our customers. 

Tactical Home Protection is a new outlet for us.  It has been something of a journey.  With all the weirdness in the world these days we began to feel a need to improve our own security and our ability to protect ourselves.  As we set out to apply the things we learned we discovered that there was a need for a moderate source for gear and supplies to outfit the people who were mostly trying to protect themselves.  

We're not gun-nuts; a lot of the stores and outlets we came across were a little out-there for our taste.  On the other hand we recognize how important it is to have ready access to the weapons, parts, supplies, and other gear needed to get the job done.  We are not currently selling firearms, but we do offer many of the accessories, supplies, and parts to keep them running.  We also offer a number of nonregulated weaponry alternatives such as archery equipment, bladed weapons, and even sling shots, airguns, and non-lethal defensive items such as mace.  We are plain, regular folks who are trying to help people like us along this same path.

We also realized that we all really deal with an extended definition of "home".  Wherever our family is at the moment is really an extension of home.  Whether we are out and about the town, on vacation, or bugging out to escape widespread civil disorder, our needs for safety and protection follow us.  It may even be more important when we are away from home.  Consequently, we also offer an array of merchandise tailored to helping you get off the grid should the need arise.  From Bug-out bags and kits to ice chests, outdoor gear, and camping equipment, our aim (so-to-speak) is to provide you the best equipment we can find at reasonable prices.

We try to make returns painless.  As long as your item is unopened, we accept returns for 30 days.  We are authorized sellers for everything we carry.  You can rest assured that factory warranties will be in effect.  We carry inventory for many of our items and many more are available to be shipped directly from our distributors on a moment's notice.  

We're here to help. Feel free to reach out any time with comments, questions, or concerns.  

Jim Jones

(305) 610-2137

Tactical Home Protection, a division of High 9 Sales, Inc.

Miami Florida